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Volunteer Spotlight – May 2017

Vol Spotlight

We are pleased to introduce our May Reading Buddy of the Month, Mrs. Mona Mengler. Mengler is a Reading Buddy at Beacon Hill Elementary in SAISD and is currently finishing her third year as a volunteer with SAYL.

As an avid reader herself, Mengler has always had the desire to volunteer with a literacy organization. After attending our Hooked on Books Breakfast, honoring Sheriff Pamerleau in the fall of 2014, she was driven to become a Reading Buddy after learning some shocking statistics, specifically, regarding the connection between being able to predict a child’s future based on third grade reading scores. “That really got my attention. This is something we can affect greatly if we deal with it now in this year, in the 2nd grade year,” stated Mengler.

In addition to being a knock out Reading Buddy and putting in over twenty tutoring sessions with her students this year, Mengler also sees herself as a role model and mentor to her students. “I think people don’t realize that [being a Reading Buddy] can really be changing the trajectory of someone’s life. And it is good incentive; the students are always happy to see their Reading Buddies,” added Mengler. Realizing that she is much more than a reading tutor, Mengler has built relationships with her students, making sure they feel comfortable to open up and share. Her favorite thing about being a Reading Buddy is “Watching them get to that point where they suddenly just pick up the book and start reading it. Not that they don’t stumble over any words, but they’re fluid, they aren’t hesitating between each word; watching them get over the hump.”

“She has been so attentive and you see the passion she has for helping children excel in academics,” noted Yvette Medrano, SAYL Program Manager. Medrano also adds, “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mrs. Mengler this school year. She has been an amazing Reading Buddy!”

Thank you so much Mrs. Mengler for being a part of the SAYL Tribe! We greatly appreciate all your effort and support!


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