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Volunteer Spotlight – Alexis De Leon

Congratulations to Alexis De Leon, our SAYL Reading Buddy of the Month! Alexis is a first-year volunteer at Antonio Margil Elementary in SAISD, and initially heard about SAYL through her work. “I work for the Grand Hyatt of San Antonio, and our company is partnering with you. I have a bunch of younger siblings and a brother in 2nd grade, so I thought if I could help him I could help others,’ she said.

Alexis has been volunteering with us since October and has already seen progress in her student’s reading level. “He’s doing really good! Usually we pick out books and a game like word-bingo or flashcards, and he actually knows all the words right now for 3rd graders, said Alexis. In fact, her Reading Buddy has been doing so well she’s considered moving him up to the 4th grade level. “He’s just zooming past it all, so we’re trying to move up the grade level and find out what he can do,” she added.

Alexis is an incredibly warm and enthusiastic person; her positive attitude is on display every time she comes to her Reading Buddy sessions. “I get a joy from coming and being able to make a difference in reading and education. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week because I get to come and see the children,” Alexis said.

The Reading Buddy Program is ideal when both our volunteers and students get something out of the experience, and Alexis and her students are a good example of that. All of us here at SAYL are incredibly proud of the job Alexis has been doing with her Reading Buddy, and we all want her to know we are forever thankful. Keep up the good work Alexis, and keep reading!

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