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School Spotlight – Rogers Academy

Our spotlight school of the month is Rogers Academy of SAISD, and its Site Coordinator Dr. Holly Baker Hill. Hill has been working with our Reading Buddies at Rogers for the past three years, and has noticed many benefits the program has given to her students. “Definitely having the buddy builds the students’ confidence, so not only is it fantastic that they have a

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Executive Director’s Note – February 2018

“I feel the need of reading.  It is a loss to man not to have grown up among books.” –Abraham Lincoln How fitting that during the birthday month of one of America’s greatest citizens, we should reflect on his words concerning reading and books. Even though Lincoln came from a humble beginning, his passion for literature and its importance are well known. Having been

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Volunteer Spotlight – May 2017

We are pleased to introduce our May Reading Buddy of the Month, Mrs. Mona Mengler. Mengler is a Reading Buddy at Beacon Hill Elementary in SAISD and is currently finishing her third year as a volunteer with SAYL. As an avid reader herself, Mengler has always had the desire to volunteer with a literacy organization. After attending our Hooked on Books Breakfast, honoring Sheriff Pamerleau in

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Reading Buddy Tip – Building Confidence

You can probably think of times in your life where being less-skilled at something others seemed to be able to do quite well made you feel inadequate. Many students experience similar feelings when they recognize they are not reading at the same level as some of their peers. This lack of reading confidence can be an obstacle to developing a positive self-image and can

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Reading Buddy Tip – Wait Time

One of the hardest things to do as a reading tutor is to not immediately help your student figure out a word they do not know. However, research shows it is only in giving students adequate “wait time” that they are truly able to strengthen their decoding skills and become better readers. Check out all tips for Wait Time here.  

Volunteer Spotlight – February 2017

Please meet Diane Boehme, our Reading Buddy of the month! Diane retired from Kelly Air Force Base after thirty-two years of holding multiple leadership positions. She continues to be a community leader by educating our youth and being involved in her church. This is Diane’s first year volunteering with the Reading Buddy Program at Cotton Elementary. Diane and her sister first learned about SAYL through

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Reading Buddy Tip – Reading Too Fast

Help, My Student is Reading Too Quickly! Situation: Your student reads at a fast pace, without much expression, and constantly guesses at words or skips over them entirely. What you can do: Read a book or section of a book to them. Model the appropriate pace and expression. You may even want to model misreading a word, and then going back to try again.

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Volunteer Spotlight – January 2017

Please meet Carla Esparza and Tracey Taylor of Zachry Corporation, our Reading Buddies of the Month! Carla and Tracey are Reading Buddy partners, who together work with one student at Larkspur Elementary. Volunteers, like Carla and Tracey, are crucial elements for continued growth and success of our organization. Their love for reading and passion for civic engagement has assisted SAYL in achieving our mission, and

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