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Site Director Spotlight – May 2017

Site Director Spotlight

SAYL is happy to announce that our May Site Director of the Month is Ruby Gutierrez, the Instructional Reading Coach at Regency Place Elementary. This is Gutierrez’s second year coordinating the Reading Buddy Program at her campus, and she truly goes above and beyond!

Gutierrez is passionate about helping her students become good readers and she is committed to making the SAYL partnership part of the formula for success. “It’s like a partnership between the teacher, the SAYL Reading Buddy, and me, noted Gutierrez. “The students look forward to that Monday, that Tuesday, that Wednesday, whatever day they’re scheduled to come. It’s even helped some of these kids with their attendance.” And if for some reason the Reading Buddies are not able to make their session, the teachers at Regency Place make sure to spend one-on-one time with their students, even using the SAYL materials. “I tell the teachers look what they’re doing, this is all for you, too.”

Gutierrez welcomes our Reading Buddies on campus and makes sure they are perfectly matched with her students. She is friendly, supportive and always available to answer any question or provide help. “The volunteers that I’ve been blessed with, the Buddies, they are phenomenal. They are doing us a favor even showing up that one day. I make sure to welcome them when I see them, the trunk is at their level, not down on the floor – they deserve better than that. We value what you all do. The program benefits the students. It’s just amazing,” added Gutierrez.

We love working with Ms. Gutierrez and appreciate all she and the team at Regency Place do to support the SAYL program on their campus!



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