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School Spotlight – Rogers Academy

Our spotlight school of the month is Rogers Academy of SAISD, and its Site Coordinator Dr. Holly Baker Hill. Hill has been working with our Reading Buddies at Rogers for the past three years, and has noticed many benefits the program has given to her students. “Definitely having the buddy builds the students’ confidence, so not only is it fantastic that they have a buddy they get to read to, every week they bond with and have a [volunteer] as a mentor and as another adult, which is huge in their lives,” Hill said. In addition to building student confidence, Hill touched upon the efficiency and atmosphere of the Reading Buddy Program at Rogers. “Everyone is always so friendly when they come in and they are very self-directed. I completely appreciate that. They’re not asking a lot of questions or asking the teacher, they just really know what they need to do. That to me is a huge plus to the program,” Hill added.

The rapport between the teachers and volunteers helps guide the Reading Buddies in their work with the students and keeps them wanting to return to Rogers year after year. “We do have a lot of tutors who have tried to stay or work with kids, so I really see the bond that’s formed between them,” said Hill. “I also see the teachers are so appreciative as well.”

The second-grade team at Rogers Academy, along with Site Director Dr. Holly Baker Hill, have been incredibly supportive and welcoming to our Reading Buddies on campus. Dr. Hill’s expertise and excellent communication with SAYL staff has helped ensure the Reading Buddies program at Roger’s Academy is a success. Without Dr. Hill and our excellent volunteers at Rogers, the Reading Buddy Program would not be possible. All of us here at SAYL are eternally grateful. Thank you for all you do!

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