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Reading Buddy Quick Tip: Shared Reading with “We Both Read” Books

We Both Read Books

The above books are part of a series called “We Both Read.” Some of the titles may look familiar to you from books you have read with your student, or seen in your initial Reading Buddy training. All the books have a few features in common. On the cover, you will see yellow banners that read: “WE BOTH READ”, and “Take turns reading!”

As these banners suggest, the books in this series are designed for an adult to read with a child who is developing as a reader. The pages alternate between an adult page which typically has more text, smaller font, and more complex vocabulary; and a child page which has less text and simpler vocabulary. Some words may be bolded, these are words that appear on both the adult and child page, but may be new or challenging for a beginning reader. You can see these features in the example below, the adult page is on the left, and the child’s page is on the right.

We both read sample

If you chose to read a “We Both Read” book in one of your sessions, you can read the adult pages to your students, and use the opportunity to model fluent reading as well as preview and discuss bolded words so they can then read those words more easily when they encounter them on the child’s page of the book. The books are included in the trunk at the level that corresponds with the text on the child’s page, therefore, if the student is trying to read all the pages, they may become frustrated with the adult pages.

Taking turns and sharing the reading is a great way to expose a developing reader to books that may be more interesting and complex. It gives you a chance to model proficient reading, while giving the student opportunities to practice reading within the same book. You may even consider selecting some of the new bolded words to practice on the whiteboard after you finish the book. Happy reading!


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  1. My readers love these books. And the one you featured has great moral lessons which these children note.
    Because time is so short (really about 25 minutes top) we are not able to get to a lot of books. This year I have 4 readers at the D level, and they only get through one book in 20 minutes. I use any remaining minutes to quickly go through another book using the alternate reading methods.

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