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Reading Buddy Tip – Reading Too Fast

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Help, My Student is Reading Too Quickly!

Situation: Your student reads at a fast pace, without much expression, and constantly guesses at words or skips over them entirely.

What you can do:

Read a book or section of a book to them. Model the appropriate pace and expression. You may even want to model misreading a word, and then going back to try again.

Encourage increased self-monitoring with the question: “hmmm did that word make sense there?” When your student misreads a word allow them to continue to the end of the phrase and then ask them to check if the word they misread makes sense in the context. If they still do not go back to check you can explicitly draw their attention to the word and have them sound it out. Point out and praise times when they adjust their pace or go back to re-read a section slower or more intentionally.

Draw their attention to words they are skipping and help to break them down. While repeatedly skipping words can stem from a reluctance to put effort into sounding out words, it can also be that your student has not developed effective strategies to read words they do not recognize at sight. Introduce them to a strategy from the pink “Ways to Take Action” bookmark in the trunk and have them practice it when they get stuck.

Talk about why reading at the right pace is important. Many children may have internalized that the best reading is fast reading (as fluency tests often measure words read per minute). Talk about how reading too slow makes it hard to understand, but so does reading too fast.


  1. This is great!

    I have a student that exihibits all the behaviors outlined in fast readers .

    Can’t wait to try your suggestions this week

  2. This Buddy Tip was extremely helpful. My student was skipping over the hard words and reading too fast. Now I know how to help my student better. Thank you.

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