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Coming Soon! Reading Buddy Seminar Slated for January

We’ve had lots of Reading Buddies inquiring about our next Reading Buddy Seminar, and we are excited to announce that this year’s seminar sessions will take place in the months of January and February. Reading Buddy Seminars are developed by SAYL Program Managers on different topics pertinent to Reading Buddies’ work with their students. This year’s seminar is entitled, “Beyond Sounding It Out: Building Strategic Readers.” It will focus on ways Reading Buddies can support and encourage students’ use of multiple strategies to figure out new words and self-correct errors as they read. Locations and dates are still to be determined, however, we are working to ensure a variety of options so all that are interested in honing their craft as a tutor can attend a session. Keep an eye out for an announcement in the upcoming month for dates and more information!


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