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Book Buddy News – February 2018


We have big news at Book Buddies World Headquarters! After much hoping and waiting on our part, the international book reseller, Better World Books, accepted our application and has shipped us 22 Gaylords of free children’s books. We received them last Monday, and the SAISD personnel were ready with a fork lift and three pallet jacks to unload them and move them into our facility. The total is around 40,000 books — weighing almost ten tons!

This means we will be able to serve two to three times the number of children we did last year, and we can let each child choose more books. So those home libraries will be increasing by leaps and bounds. Thank you, Better World Books! And thank you wonderful SAISD employees who did such an efficient job of unloading and arranging the books for sorting.

Of course, these books aren’t going to sort themselves. We will soon be announcing scheduled sorting sessions and instructions on how to sign up on-line. Please answer the call. We can’t send the books to the kids in the schools until they are sorted, counted, and boxed, and we will need your eyes and hands for that. Come to Book Buddies and see what 40,000 books looks like and help us turn a lot of kids into happy readers!


This bonanza of books does not mean that our days of book drives are over. We are far from it. The need for children’s books in Title I schools and the neighborhoods they serve is greater even than this load of books can meet. Please continue holding those book drives in your workplaces, houses of worship, sports teams, scouts, neighborhoods, and wherever you can. We aim to let each child choose six books at our free book fairs, and to do this we need every book we can collect.

So please keep those book drives going, and many, many thanks to everyone involved in these drive!


Once again, this year Book Buddies was chosen to benefit from the Cheer America Championship event held at the Greehey Arena at St. Mary’s University on Sunday, January 21. This event brings cheer teams from all over Texas. and this year prizes were given to the teams bringing in the most books to donate to Book Buddies as part of their “Cheer for a Cause” program. Competition was fierce and we received over 1,400 books as a result, as well as some cash donations.

Cheer America has been a faithful, generous partner to Book Buddies for several years. We appreciate the boost they give us in books, exposure, and financial donations. Thanks, Cheer America!


Book drives are going strong. Thanks to all the generous people who organize these drives and to the donors. This month we received books from our friends at:


Half-Price Books

Sandra Day O’Connor High School

The tennis team at The Dominion


Due to the need to get ready to receive the shipment from Better World Books, January has not been as busy with sorting events as usual. However, Reagan High School was again on the job sorting and boxing books. Thanks, Reagan students! We hope to see you and all our dedicated Book Buddies at our sorting sessions soon.

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