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Book Buddy News – August 2017

BIG NEWS!  Book Buddies has a new home. Necessitated by the re-purposing of Brewer Elementary, our former location, Book Buddies World Headquarters has moved to the former gym of W.W. White Elementary School at 545 S. W.W. White Road on the East Side.

Thanks to the hard work of Tiffany Grant, Chief of Staff to SAISD Superintendent Martinez, we have been provided a space that should prove even more advantageous than the Brewer location. There are no other plans for the gym for the near future, and the location is in one of the neighborhoods we serve. Plus, access should be much easier, with two entrances with easy drive-up for vehicles delivering books. The location is near freeways I-10, 35, and 410, as well as E. Houston and E. Commerce Streets. And, SAISD personnel took care of moving us across town! Many thanks to everyone who made this transition possible and easy.

We are looking forward to starting an even more productive year in our new home:

  • Wells Fargo recently completed a drive at their service headquarters, spearheaded by tireless Book Buddy Tonya Clark. Even though she fell ill and was admitted to the hospital on the day of the book pickup, she called in to be sure everything went smoothly and we got the books.  That’s dedication and the real Book Buddy spirit! We’re glad to report that Tonya is back at work and doing well and of course thinking about new ways to bring in more books.
  • NuStar Energy begins another company-wide book drive on July 28. If their effort is anything like last year’s, Book Buddies will be receiving a bonanza of great kids’ books. The people at NuStar really go all-out to promote their drive and children’s literacy.
  • Once again, Half-Price Books came through with many boxes of kids’ books. Half-Price is one of our largest donors and always ready to share excess inventory with us. In addition, they will often buy books we receive but can’t use (young-adult, adult books), giving us funds to buy children’s books from them. A total win-win!  Thank you, Half-Price Books!

NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAN YOUR BOOK DRIVE! It’s easy and it’s fun. Any group can collect children’s books: neighborhood, social club, sports team, scout troop, workplace, school, religious group… Just let people know through word of mouth, social media, signs, emails, or however you can get the word out. Put collection boxes in convenient locations. Remind folks about the dates of the drive. And, watch how enthusiastic people get about providing gently-used books to kids who don’t have any. It’s the ultimate feel-good project! People love the idea of knowing the books their kids no longer read are going to be shared with a child who really needs them.  Need some help?  Email bookbuddies@sayl.org for flyers, posters, and advice.

In partnership,

Jane Welch, Book Buddies Coordinator


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  1. I am the Special Education teacher at Pershing Elementary, SAISD. Please advise what I need to do to get Pershing in this great program.

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